Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Campaign Against Workplace Bullying

The first poll about the prevalence and nature of workplace bullying in the U.S. showed 37% of U.S. workers have been personally bullied -- 54 million Americans. An additional 12% of the workforce witnessed it.

While any good manager or business owner should immediately halt any issues of bullying in the workplace, it's obvious by those numbers that it's not happening.

Now, an organized campaign is mounting to end workplace bullying via state laws. 13 states have introduced legislation to prevent this issue from occurring - and/or to punish business owners who tolerate this behavior.

Harassment and discrimination continue to be major issues for employers. Preventing it from happening it is far easier than having to deal with it after it happens.

Courtesy Workplace Bullying Institute and
California Healthy Workplace Advocates

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