Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Employees Quit Because of a Bad Boss

Once again, another survey finds the number one reason employees leave a company is because of a bad boss.

The HotJobs Survey found that employees:
  • Want to quit because of a bad boss (43%)
  • Want more money (36%)
  • More growth potential (34%)
Employers and managers get so engulfed in their day-to-day business they forget what got them there: their employees!

Do not wait to do a performance appraisal every year. Check in with your employees frequently - don't just say you have an 'open door policy' - follow through with it.

If you're working for a 'bad boss', then manage up - what can you do to make the situation better.

It's all about effective and frequent communication.


Anonymous said...

I agree.... A bad boss tips the scale. Poor management too.

Anonymous said...

when do you draw the line. What toll do you let the "bad boss" take on your physical well being and you life NOT at work

Eric W. Swenson said...

It's easy to draw the line. Life is too short to ever work for a boss take any negative toll on you. If you don't believe he/she is going to change, get out of there. If you can't talk to his/her boss, or don't want to - your only choice is to leave.
But make sure to let senior management or the owner aware of the reason you're leaving. No change can take place unless they know what kind of manager they have.