Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Newspaper Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

I mean, really. As if newspapers didn't have enough problems these days, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune will now have to pay more than $300,000 to two women who accused the paper of sexual harassment.

The charges included vulgar comments, dirty jokes and sex-based statements, according to the EEOC (which filed the lawsuit).

The Star Tribune also agreed to:
  • Take steps toward preventing sexual harassment or retailiation against female employees in the mailroom;
  • Ensure it employs a mailroom supervisor or manager for every shift;
  • Employ a human resources representative responsible for mailroom functions, including monitoring and resolving any complaints; and to
  • Also will provide annual sexual harassment training.
Wouldn't it have been cheaper to do all that before?

From the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

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jessica lee said...

but of course it would have been cheaper... yet there are many who don't think sexual harassment is an issue anymore... case in point:

totally baffling.