Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out of State Residents Subject To California Labor Law While Working In State

If you have employees who occasionally work in California, here's some important news for you.

Sullivan v. Oracle Corp, a recently decided federal appeals court decision, found that California labor law applies to nonresident workers. While the decision was based primarily on exempt/non-exempt status of two Colorado-based employees, the ramifications are endless, as outlined by Christopher W. Olmstead:
  • Does the company have sufficient ongoing contacts within the state of California, such that under the Oracle court’s ruling, California labor laws should apply to its workers while working in California?

  • Does the applicable California labor law provide superior protection to the out-of state resident? (In most cases, the answer will be “yes” because of California’s more rigorous laws.)

  • What rights under California law apply to the workers? Consider, for example, wage and hour law (e.g. exempt status, overtime, meal and rest periods), and fair employment practices (e.g. disability law).
If you have non-California employees who work in California - even infrequently - contact your employment attorney.

If it can happen to Oracle, it can happen to you.

Courtesy Barker Olmsted & Barnier

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