Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tardiness on the Rise

So 20% of American workers are late to work at least once a week.

In an era where jobs are becoming more and more precious (and conversely, layoffs are becoming more common) - it's disturbing to think that 1 in 5 workers think so little of their jobs that they're willing to gamble on being late once a week.

The usual culprits are excuses: traffic, dealing with children or pets, etc.

I am beginning to advise employers of the benefits of a high employment rate - that is, you can get a much more qualified worker now than ever before. And if that worker has been out of a job, they will be more loyal, work harder, and improve your productivity.

Jobs are scarce. Workers had better value their job (and show up on time), because there are many people out there who would take that job more seriously.

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