Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Annoyance of E-Mail

One of my closest friends has an e-mail account, but refuses to give out the address to his friends. "I get enough e-mails at work," he explains, "and the junk I get from my friends is the biggest time waster I can think of."

The overuse of e-mail, and related etiquette violations, are a big annoyance in the workplace.

ABC News has developed a list of "No-No's" when it comes to business e-mails (and they're all great examples of what not to do). They are:
  1. Don't 'cc' someone's boss on a criticism unless you really mean it;
  2. Hitting the 'reply all' button;
It is suggested that you develop an e-mail etiquette policy for your handbook - but, like all policies, you need to consistently enforce it.

And remember - when you put something in writing - it's there forever.

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