Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wage & Hour Issues: The Trial Lawyers Dream Come True

More wage claims were filed in federal court in 2006 than in 2003/04 combined. Through April 2008, those claims are on pace to outdo 2007. Entire law firms are being formed to litigate wage and hour claims.

That's because about 70% of all businesses are out of compliance with wage & hour laws.

One Rochester, NY attorney switched from defense to plaintiffs work, saying, "I can hit a company with a hundred sexual harassment lawsuits, and it will not inflict anywhere near the damage that [a wage and hour suit] will."

It’s estimated that corporate America pays out more than $1 Billion a year to settle and resolve wage and hour claims.

We're mostly talking about exempt or non-exempt employees, from not taking meal breaks to tip credits, and overtime. From Starbucks to Oprah Winfrey, no employer is immune.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about ways to prevent these lawsuits and claims from occurring.

Courtesy Rush on Business; Ethics & Legal Compliance Training; Business Week; New York Times (registration required)

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